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QUOTE A list of nearly all my OC's... to date. (Date like time; not the event at a local cafe with whomever).

BE WARNED!! I have alot of OC's. I mean ALOT! This is well over 50, last I checked...

Note: If and/or when you see a single quotation mark ( " ), that means I got too lazy or whatever with something; and you should assume it should say the same thing as what the above cell says.


"???" means it's unknown, but may be revealed later in the fanon (basically its a spoiler blocker).

"TBD" means To Be Declared. It's unknown solely because I don't know, but will determine it later.

"unknown" means something is left unknown and is never announced and never will be.

Name Age Gender Life Form Series for; Character Info Chara Looks Creation BG
Kiki Kohana/Sailor Sedna 14 Female human? SailorMoon
Mami Chiba/Sailor Earth 19? Female human? SailorMoon
Naru Osaka/Sailor Sun 16-17 Female human? SailorMoon
Sailor Nano ??? Female ??? SailorMoon
Kyuu-san 14 Female humanoid SailorMoon
Goth (Gosu) Kurosaki 14 Female human? SailorMoon
NegaScouts/Dark-Moon Soldiers ??? Female humanoid SailorMoon
Sailor Dark-Lady looks 20 Female human? SailorMoon
Ashlynn Calypso 12 Female human MySims Was originally my MS1 (Wii)? sim.? Was named after me @ first, but I changed her name a bit ;)
Kiki Calypso 14 Female human MySims Was originally my MSA (Wii)? sim.
Jelly Grunprinza 13 Female human MySims Was sorta-originally my MSK (Wii)? sim. (I wasn't REALLY her, but I would dress up like her, as "Princess Butter's sister"; more like as a role-play sim.? That's how she was created.)
Ichigo Bonham 15 Female human MySims Originally my MSSH(PS3) sim, but split into her own different character. Now is Buddy/Parker's sister.
Parker Bonham 15 Male human MySims When I first started making my MSA(Wii)/MS-in-general? fanfic, I kinda messed-up Buddy's personality (cuz I hadn't played a MS game in a while then & forgot his self). Then I played again and realized/remembered he was the complete opposite; so my fanfic Buddy split into a completely new OC; Parker, and made him Buddy's older brother.
Iris Atalanta 17 Female human MySims Originally my MSR (Wii) sim.
Kaori Rask 16 Female human MySims Was originally my MSP (Wii)? sim.
Midori Greene 19 Female human MySims Was originally my MSK (DS) sim.
Trisha Rosa 20 Female human MySims Was originally my MSPC sim.
Hanako Mosconi 14 Female human MySims Was originally one of my MSSH (Wii) sims.
Masaru Mosconi 14 Male human MySims Same as Hanako...

Umi Neptunia

18 Female human MySims Was originally my MSA (DS) sim.
Snow Suzume appears teens Female human? MySims Her creation is a bit messy/complicated... But she became my MS1 (DS) sim.
Berylite Perdimanera 17 Female human MySims Was originally my MSSH (DS) sim
Macey Keen 18 "hmm..." human MySims I was really just replaying MSK.... As of Jan 2014, is the newest MySims OC of mine.
Perfume Feather TBD Female human? original (001)
Arisa Ayame none; is a digital being & can change ages Female ... Hatena Flipnote
Nakashima Higurashi none; is a digital being & can change ages Male ... Hatena Flipnote
Mana mid teens-late teens Female human, but knows magic (witch?)

Spongebob gijinka (everyone turns human and finds land. wooo. How weird oAo ...But it came to me when I was half-asleep so its not my fault.)

Temari's younger sister. She's quiet, reserved, cute, and mysterious. Not to mention; smart. She knows much magic, and is even the reason their Mansion is so iscolated.

Don't ask why I make SB OC's; I really don't know why. My brain just spews OC's left and right- I can create an OC with a flick of my hand, basically.

Temari late teens-20 Female human "


Mana & Temari came to me in a dream, I think.

Onna ---



robot ... Was originally gonna be Mana & Temari's android maid, but now is part of a robot line of OC's of mine called Mathematical Robot Line (MRL), thus the "..."
Charity 17 Female shark-human hybrid A different SB? fanfic(?) than Tem & Mana (NOT gijinka) I've actually had (the idea for) this character since before i "hated" SB, but after I discovered anime (It was around that transition-time); but then scrapped the idea, then got it again, etc. NOW she's back & I'm currently going into further development with her. DON'T EVEN ASK LOL WHAT
Rana 16 Female kappa "
KBG ---



experiment " DO NOT EVEN ASK
Princess Purin TBD Female human Started as a random girl i made in a dressup
Princess Hinata TBD Female human "
Miss Toyoyo TBD Female human "
Miss Rose TBD Female human ... i was gonna do ", but doodled her in my notes.
Crusher TBD Male magical-being original (002) Crusher, Crystal, and Lucky appearedtomeinadream,where I dreamed of a FinalFantasy-esqe RPG.
Crystal TBD Female magical-being " "




magical-being " Blue and the rest weren't remembered from the dream (fully, at least.). I made the rest durring consciousness & gave the names too.


magical-being " "


magical-being " "


magical-being " "


magical-being " "


magical-being " " NOT named after the FF guy or whatever he is!


magical-being " " NOT named after the user!!


magical-being " "


magical-being " "

TBD, old?

magical-being " "

TBD, high schooler

Male human? original; KiraGuchi (Killer Mouth) Kinda forget... had the idea of making someone who was cursed or blah, trying to be ori

TBD, high schooler

Female human " same as Zaru
Mina Helsoar TBD Female demon IDK yet

Made her in 8th grade. Our assignment was to create a villain out of the letters from our name. I made her for it, and stuck to her as an OC (or whatever lazy grammar) because her nameand design were totally kick-butt! :D. I'm not saying my full name, but you can find the word "Ashley" in it... >_>

Oh wait, it was only SOME letters from our name, but only from our name. Like, i couldn't add a "x" or etc.

Aria 13 Female sound-bender Avatar the Last Arirbender (after main run; but before Legend Of Korra) I honestly forget the whole thing, but I know I had the idea somewhere durring 9th grade (had a sketch). Forget if along the line the idea may have been crossed with a Naruto OC idea... But the AtLA idea realy started developing when I started makinf=g characters in Rinmaru Games. BUT AS OF TODAY she is Aria, and has newer OC fellows.
Lily 10 Female ??? " (AtLA) Made her as a sister for Aria. I forget her BG too, but I think she was mainly created in Rinmaru Games.
Princess Dokutsu 15 Female dark-bender " (AtLA) Same as Lily, only no relation to Aria , & was largely made in Rinmaru Games (or entirely made, in which case she would've had her character design before info/idea)
(Prince?) Shin 17 Male light-bender " (AtLA) "
Gina unknown Female ??? " (AtLA)
TBD 16 Female vampire? " (AtLA) dark-brown hair, single pink-streak same as Dokutsu/Shin, haven't even given her a name; OC participation in fanon goes on/off (either indecisive or forget, or don't like the idea anymore) She was also gonna be a Blood Bender but that was before Legend of Korra was even announced (maybe like 6 months-1 year before?)